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Online OSINT Frequency Resources To Support COMINT Operations

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You do have your monitoring post put together, yes?


Here are the two resources that I mentioned at the last Commo Class:

http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/ – Radio Reference Scanner Frequency Database  - User provided content. Very accurate, but sometimes incomplete. Includes frequency usage information when submitted.

http://fjallfoss.fcc.gov/General_Menu_Reports/ – FCC General Menu Reports -  Shows everything licensed by the FCC in the US, but no information as to specific usage.

Those of you who are attending the Connecticut Class will want to try these resources with the following information:

  • Connecticut
    • New Haven County
      • Waterbury
  • 41°33’14.5″N 73°02’49.0″W (If you are a friend of Ayn, you should find this particularly interesting.)

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Random Thoughts & Advice For Mad Scientists & Tinkers

Many experimenters start out with a multi-tool of some sort. The multi-tool of choice these days is the Leatherman or Gerber Multi-Plier, although I know a lot of retro old-school types who still carry Swiss Army Knives (SAK). The various “Tinker” and “Mechanic” models are very popular. I carry a Leatherman Wave, and while it’s very handy riding on my belt I will grab a full-sized screwdriver or pliers when the opportunity presents itself. The SAKs and multi-tools are very conveinent for field work, but aren’t the equal of even a small tool kit. Since you are just beginning right now, you should get a small to medium sized tool box or tool bag, and begin to fill it with tools as you need them for various projects. Among those tools should be one of the less expensive multi-tools or SAKs. You can find the smaller Leatherman Tools for under $30. A Victorinox Super Tinker SAK is about the same price. Get whatever you like. You should start with a decent set of regular and phillips screwdrivers, torx drivers, allen wrenches, assorted pliers (needlenose, slip-joint, and channel-lock), a pair of wire cutters (diagonal cutters), wire strippers-crimpers, a ratchet wrench set with both metric and US sockets, a claw hammer, ball-pein hammer, some assorted vise-grips (at least a 10WR and 6LR), a 25-50 watt soldering iron, and a VOM (multimeter). All of this will fit in a medium-sized toolbox.


Along with your tool kit, you will need a space to do your work.  My “workbench” is an old 4 1/2′x3′ table in the corner of my den/library.  Some shelves are attached to the walls above the bench, and my toolbox is sitting on top of a small 3-shelf bookcase next to the table. Before I moved upstairs I had a folding table in the basement that served as my work area, and before I found this old table I had made a small workbench out of a piece of plywood and 2x4s. Whatever works. You want your workspace to be in out of the way spot. The best would be an outbuilding on your proverbial “back forty”, a basement, or a garage, but circumstances may not permit that. In that case, any out of the way corner you can put a table a toolbox will do. You don’t want to have to set up and break down your project every time you want to work on it, and you don’t want muggles inadvertently messing your work up. In some instances, you won’t want muggles stumbling across your work at all. Some of them can be less than understanding in regard to your tinkering and experimentation. Local hackerspaces can be useful if you are really limited in space and/or tool availability. Many I have visited were well equipped with nice electronic and machine shops, and had knowledgeable staff that were ready to help beginners. While eventually you’d like to get your own personal setup up and running, a good hackerspace can be a great help for the beginner.


You will want a computer of your own. Using your parents’ machine, especially if shared with your siblings, becomes a problem when you want to experiment or have thoughts you wish to keep to yourself. Older computer hardware is available cheap from a number of sources. Load an open-source OS on it, and you are good to go. The ultimate hacking computer these days is this machine that fits in your hand called a “Raspberry Pi.” Attach a USB keyboard. Use an old composite monitor or a video modulator and old TV set for the display. Load up a copy of Linux. You are ready to go! You can store your polemic on small sold state drives that you can hide anywhere. A copy of GnuPG helps keep your thoughts private in case someone stumbles across them. You don’t want to wind up like Kiera Wilmot, but I digress. The 512 MB Raspberry Pi is only $40, and is money well spent. The Pi comes with Python as a programming language. It too is open source. Finally, we have an experimenter’s computer in the old-school tradition of the Apples, Ataris, Commodores, and Timex/Sinclairs we had as kids. They did rocket science with less powerful machines! One of the nicer things about the Pi is that it only needs 5 volts at 700mA over Micro USB to run. With a portable LCD TV, 12V 7AH gel-cell, and a voltage regulator you can have a nice off-grid system for your remote secret laboratory that’ll run all night! Add a couple solar panels, and you wouldn’t even have to go home to charge your batteries!


While you’re working in your secret laboratory, you’ll want to keep a nominal ear on the outside world. Whether your choice of ear candy is Nights With Alice Cooper, or Coast to Coast AM, a small AM/FM radio can almost always be found on the shelf for a couple bucks at the local Goodwill. I’ve got this Radio Shack DX-375 “Voice Of the World” AM/SW/FM receiver that I bought on clearance 20 years ago for those boring night shifts as a security guard. With a Grundig Medium Wave loop antenna, also a clearance sale find from Rat Shack, I can pick up AM stations across the country.


Late night Medium Wave listening is one of those ways to find “a certain truth” as I have mentioned in previous rants. When you find yours, you can use the GnuPG software on your Raspberry Pi to keep it private.


Plying the electromagnetic aether looking for a certain truth is a pastime that many of us partake in, to the point where the pursuit of the almost fey wavelengths becomes an exclusive course of study. Should you start down along this path, consider yourself warned and welcomed!


Seriously though, you can’t go wrong with starting out by discovering what AM broadcast and shortwave stations you can receive with simple cheap home-brew equipment like the galena detector shown above, built by yours truly.

The Book Is Out

The Book Is Out.

The words of the prophets are written on the bathroom walls, in the stalls.

In and around the area of Central Connecticut State University, one can see the graffiti “Think for yourself!” and “Live your own life!” written in the bathroom stalls of various bookstores, Chinese restaurants, coffee shops, and retail establishments.  Think about that for a moment…  When I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, I remember that bathroom graffiti consisted of crude drawings of genitalia,  declarations of someone’s sexual activities/preferences, and phone numbers of people who were interested in doing the same, often in exchange for money or recreational drugs.  I specifically recall one person who used to write entire adult-themed essays throughout public restrooms in Dutchess County, NY in fine-tipped marker.  I guess that was part of the counterculture at the time.

Now thirty years later, we have members of the current counterculture, our modern prophets, taking their Sharpie pens and exclaiming “Think for yourself!” and “Live your own life!” on the very same bathroom walls that previously listed John’s phone number and what he likes to do in his spare time with other guys, or exhortations  to “Eat pussy!”  In this age of political correctness and group-think it is both an indication and indictment of our society when we have a pop singer grinding her ass into her partner’s crotch on stage, and yet encouragement of independent thought and critical thinking is relegated to a stall in a public bathroom.


I was discussing this with Mrs. OR and she mentioned that the philosopher, pundit, and Chuch of Satan founter Anton LaVay  advocated the bathroom as the best place to think and ruminate in many of his writings.  She also mentioned that corporations cannot sell introspection…

III% Communications Course – New Date and Location Added

Originally posted on Signal Corps:

rto-advert-commoDue to customer requests, I have added another date and location for the III% Communications Course:

April 26-27, 2014 – Waterbury, CT

Click here for more information on the course.

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TRAINING EVENT – III%er Communications Course – April 4-6, 2014 – Timonium, MD

Originally posted on Signal Corps:

III%er Communications Course

April 4-6, 2014, Timonium, MD.

The class will revolve around the basics of low power/qrp/covert operation with low-profile/improvised antennas, and communications monitoring focused for VHF/UHF COMINT. It will consist of an evening of classroom instruction and a day in the field (FTX). The FTX will be held *rain or shine*. It has been known to rain during April in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Dress and equip yourself appropriately. It is strongly advised that the attendee have at least a general class ham license, as HF operation will be involved. If you don’t have a general license, you can do a COMINT/monitoring track on the Sunday FTX. Also, you will receive a copy of my new book “Grid-Down Communications”, and a ticket to the Timonium Hamfest on April 5th.  as part of the course.

Registration cost for this course $200. Early bird registration is $175 if paid in full…

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Grid-Down 911

Grid-Down 911.

Important ideas here.

Slam-bammy care hits home

Slam-bammy care hits home.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

Don Charisma

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