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Wyoming Adventure Radio Club




The local Walmart has 20 or so brands of coffee on the shelves, but this country has only 2 major political parties, neither of which is worth a damn.

Cabin Update

She liked the floor plan, and we made a few modifications and additions.  We both want a spiral staircase and a balcony on the second floor, and a vaulted living room ceiling. Discussion continues about how small we can go before it starts getting too small.  

Simplify, unclutter, become more free.  Distance from syphilization.

I have a friend, Sig, who lives in a nice compact cabin about an hour away.  His place is an inspirational model of sorts for what we’re working on.

A Cabin In the Woods, First Iteration

Just a rough floorplan sketch in a notebook for now.

Things To Do:

  • Hike Saunter.
  • Fish.
  • Hunt.
  • Geocache.
  • Build radios.
  • Do Lomography.
  • Write.
  • Wrap oneself in a coat of Autumn leaves.

    I wonder what the weather is like on the mountain? It was snowing there 18 years ago when I first visited. Snowed last night, too, at 5300 feet. Mostly gone now, a few hours later.

    Alas, tempus fugit. 

    John Muir

    Edward Abbey, again.

    Edward Abbey

    I wish I knew you.  Alas, you passed away right after I graduated high school, a year before I discovered your works. 


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